Buying a home | What to Expect


We will start by listening to what you have in mind. We will refine your search criteria to educate you about the trade-offs involved in the home buying process. Location, Year Built, Schools, Square Footage, etc. all come into play in the desirability of a home. The more you understand, the smarter your decisions and the better the overall home buying experience.


We explain the logistics of the buying process and how the sale of your current home will fit into the buying logistic so that the process is a smooth one. We then discuss homes and floor plans that you feel best meet your need. We then schedule a field visit to see available homes that meet your need and gather feedback from you on your likes and dislikes so that we can further refine your search criteria. Once we find the right home, we help you negotiate the best price and terms with the seller. We represent you, the buyer, through the course of the transaction.



The first step is a quick phone call so that I can get a sense of what you have in mind and answer any specific questions you might have; this will get the ball rolling forward in the right direction (by the way, don't worry if you get my vm greeting; just leave me the best number to call you back; in the mornings, I am mostly in the office but I don't usually pick up calls from unrecognized #s since I get a lot of marketing calls ).

To get started, please CALL me here.

You may also Contact Me Online Here.

If you know what you will qualify for loan-wise, it is helpful. Most of my clients are tech savvy and have looked online (if you haven't already done so, please download my Home Search App so we can schedule property showings) to see if there are any homes that pique their interest. This helps me with a starting point on which to begin the conversation and discovery process to determine suitable areas and floor plans that would meet your need.